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Crazed Piglins


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    Robin Sell commented
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    Awesome idea! Was that inspired by the last of us? 

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    Donut Zero commented
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    Just a little

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    Ping Bong commented
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    But there is already have zombiefed piglins. But still a good idea to have another fungus to infect piglins.

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    Catcadev commented
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    This is a great idea! These piglins should also be able to teleport, and have purple eyes, much like the endermen? Another idea: make these piglins skeletons. Perhaps the reason that piglins and hoglins avoid the warped forest is because it's toxic to Crimson forest animal life?

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    They should be called warped piglins, and there should also be warped hoglins, and maybe other types of warped nether mobs.

    Perhaps they could act like regular piglins, but neutral if you are wearing blue leather armour rather than gold. They would not be hostile toward regular piglins, but the regular piglins would flee anyways. What would their relationship with endermen be?

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    a a commented
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    This is a neat idea, especially given the lore of the warped forest. Maybe they could stand idle as if their minds were inactive and then instantly activate and try to kill anyone who aggravates an enderman or attacks another crazed piglin. Their previous desires have been mostly stripped away by the warped forest. However, a small sliver of their old self makes them hesitate for a brief moment when encountering gold, another piglin of any type except for crazed piglins, or soul fire, lanterns, torches, and campfires. They would also attack normal piglins which then might become infected after death similarly to zombie villagers. (Possibly creating crazed zombified piglins from normal zombie piglins?)