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Turning hunger on/off


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    l3anned x commented
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    This would also probably be useful in creative for games and things

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    Old minecraft or peaceful mode.

    Jokes aside, I think this would be something like an unchangeable game setting than a toggle-able setting, depending on each save or server. Kinda like how you can't change the difficulty setting in Hardcore mode. You create a world, go into advanced options, toggle on the setting for Classic Healing (description: No hunger bar, heals by eating food), add a bunch of gamerules for the ones wanting to customize it, etc.

    Also if you have cheats you can toggle it on and off with it as a gamerule setting.


    I think this is much better.

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    Grefald commented
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    you just have to make this command:

    /effect [player name] minecraft:saturation 999999 255 true