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Data Driven Smithing Table Functionality for Datapacks


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    Java Dragon commented
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    I think we have achieved true greatness. With nbt data, this would be the most awesome thing added for mapmakers since the introduction of datapacks themselves.

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    funky30002930 commented
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    Ahh, I see this suggestion already exists, haha. Tried making my own since I prolly just didn't find it with the search terms I was using before.

    Something like this would be awesome and I hope this gets the attention it deserves, any kind of recipe data files for the Smithing Table would be fantastic for what I have planned with my crafting pack I've been playing around with. Pretty much using the new crafting block variants to be more like a system that builds up as you collect enough resources to make the next crafting block and unlock new recipes for that block, along with sometimes improving material efficiency.

    For example, I use the light and heavy pressure plates as "iron plates" and "gold plates" to make things a bit pricier, and they cost 3 ingots each. With custom smithing table recipes, I could add an unlock for cheaper plates using just 2 ingots.

    I can't imagine all the other things people could do with the addition of smithing table recipes. I hope this is noticed and added before 1.16's release.

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    This was added!