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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Cursed Candle


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    Urboi Muskrat commented
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    there is no way i could come up with something like this, cool idea!

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    So basically a water candle from Terraria

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    SkorpGaming commented
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    I can see the use for mob farms but what would the usual player use it for?

    Maybe it improves enchanting, with the downside of getting a random curse if placed near an enchanting table for a little while. It would also require bypassing the light condition for mob spawning.

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    This is a really cool idea make it like torch with a black flame and a white smoke coming off! It would be a block you can't just break and take it, maybe requiring a special tool or item to obtain to make it less OP

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    I think there should be different candle effects as well, maybe obtainable by changing the colour of the candle? it would be hard to get because of the mobs spawning around it.