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Withered Depths: A brand new Nether Biome


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    wouldn,t it be better if you could have a new wither dimension and you needed bedrock to make the portal but you didnt need to break bedrock you needed to craft bedrock with 4 gravel and 5 Netherite it  would be made like a nether portal and there was a new ore in the end called Enderite it would be used to defeat the wither storm inside the new dimension because when you enter the new dimension called withery you would have to defeat the wither storm to enter the dimension where you will see a lot of withers and you can make a Nether star/Beacon farm and because you can craft bedrock you can make the withers suffucate and you can just put hoppers under where the withers will spawn and suffucate and you will put a chest under all of that and you,ll get a beacon farm and if you want to speed up the process you can get your smite 4 sword and get all the Nether stars you would want