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Skeletons, strays, piglins, and pillagers should fire at target blocks


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    Also changing  the hay block into targets in the pillager outpost target dummies would even help show this behavior. Pillagers woukd actually practice shooting a target abd make the game more interactive. They would only try to shoot it if it is within the same distance it takes a pillager to notice a player. Add sounds of hitting and missing the target would be funny too *hurray strike!* *sad misses*

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    Wirycolin1011 commented
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    Do you have any idea how happy I was to see this post? This post made all my dreams about archery mobs come true. I truly recommend everyone to follow and vote this post!

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    Perhaps rather than changing the scarecrow/target dummy, you could make pillagers shoot hay bales too?