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Absolute Gamemode


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    Long time ago, when the first square settlers came to the world, still thinking the world is a flat square, not a cube, when people thought that gravel was touched by the gods hand as it falls, when humans believed in the devil Herobrine, a group of creatures came together and found him - the infinite scroll, with sacred texts, nowhere else to find. Game modus creativus, crativus modus, they read with magical beliefs, and they became the angels of the sky. And as they build amazing structures, the mortals named them the Creative. But one of them found another script. The absolute script, and he gained the absolute power. Time stopped, sky and floor swapped, the hell began. But who wrote the sacred new found texts? There was another absolute ruler. He, the last hero, fought in the Battle of the Absolutes, and when failure was close, he raised his netherite sword and won the battle so the war. Peace and order came to the world, and no one ever heard about the Absolute people. - Wanted to add, but was to long.