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Parasitic Warped Forest


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    Žan Zamuda commented
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    Isn't the warped forest like a biome that the end is *warping* into it becouse of the countless endermen spawning there

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    Endermen don't need to be infected by warped fungi to spread it. They already pick it up and place it elsewhere.

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    This would be neat, but since that would require chorus fruit and shulkers being placed in the nether, it would make exploring the actual end much less interesting.

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    This is a cool idea because the layer would have an extra challenge of quarantining the warped forest. 

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    SURFACEFUSION commented
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    I like the idea of a biome that can grow from a single point, maybe they could give endermen a very slim random chance of spawning in the end holding a warped fungus which they then plant. The biomes could grow from there. That would introduce the possibility of Endstone Warped Nylium and make exploring the end slightly more interesting

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    The warped forest is clearly connected to the End somehow... I think it would be better if warped biome spread was an optional thing because I don't want to always have to deal with that.