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Turn off profession blocks


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    Turbo1111v commented
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    Villagers should have a small radius (10 blocks or less) to search for profession blocks. That will increase performance (due to less block to test), and reduce or eliminate this problem.

    In my world i cure a zombie villager like +50 block away from my base and he took one of the barrel of my storage, i basically destroy half of my storage so he can take another block.

    Another thing they should do is villagers can only take profession block they access (pathfinding), if they can't, just search for another. But i don't if this will break current iron farms.

    sorry for my my english, it isn't my native language.

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    You can use decorative profession blocks, as you change a villager's profession (optional), trade with them, and they'll never change their profession. You can now use decorative profession blocks with the villager.

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    Dacespirit commented
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    The big difficulty in change the behavior of blocks is  all blocks are craft in the same way (in the crafting table, stone cutter and so on). There is no diference between a "decorative" block and functional block. 

    A way to do it,  (with the blocks we  have today) is rename it. But we use a lot of blocks and it will be tedious to do it and repetitive as well. 

    The "turn off" option definitely is another way to do it. But keeps the problem that, have to be set block by block.

    Another solution is change the process of how these blocks are made of. i.e. Another "crafting table" this will set a parameter to make it invisible to the villagers. But we overstep another problem Mojang wants to avoid. Duplicate blocks with same function. It's not intuitive for the gamer, MInecraft is treat as "Simple Game" that anyone can play.

    The radius of villagers' detection must to be "big" because of villages' size. Maybe if the type of detection change, could solve the issue, but restrict where these blocks can be placed to assign professions. An example of detection type for the villager is have a block of air above profession block for example.

    In short story, the change does not coming to the block itself, but to the villagers and how they find the blocks.