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Sheeplings: Humanoid Nether sheep that spawn in Warped forest


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    Lili5510 commented
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    I'd prefer sheeplings to have some small structures to live in and hide so piglins can't easily commit genocide; however, befriending these creatures then witnessing them being murdered would remind the player that the Nether is not a nice place. They should also be fearful of every living thing that poses the slightest bit of danger, making players have to gain their trust by crouching towards them and dropping valuable tools and ETC as gifts.

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    Catcadev commented
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    Perhaps these sheep could hold piglins back with soul torches? This would add a use for the torch, as it could be given to the sheeplings to befriend them?

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    Sheeplings should drop some type of mutton that can only be cooked in a soul campfire. There are only two ways to get food in the nether so it would be cool if they did drop mutton. They should also be a little hard to find so that is would be rare to get food in the nether.