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Hoglins drop corrupt porkchop


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    Alyssa Daley commented
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    Maybe you could disinfect it using the Soul Soil fire (blue fire) over a cauldron, or some other way using the fire.

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    ShadowLord104 commented
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    Sure sounds good but to uncorrupted it just cook it. It doesn't need a specific fuel.

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    Matthew99729 commented
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    The reason they drop porkchops in the first place is because piglins hunt them down for food. It wouldn't sense for hoglins to drop corrupted food. They're trying to create a live environment where the animals, instead of trying to hunt you down, are trying to hunt each other down for survival.

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    So it would be kinda like nether rotten flesh?

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    scitobor123 commented
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    Hoglins (Currently) burn in fire so they are not (comply) mutated or zombifyed or whatever

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    Transmedal2 commented
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    Lol at any rate hogs make different meat than pigs yes but hog meat isnt all nasty and dirty as this post makes it lol hoglin meat does need to be darker with a different name.


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    Andre Setya commented
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    I like your idea, but instead of named corrupt porkchop maybe we can just name it hogchop, and to disinfect it i think just by using normal cooking is enough unless there is some kind new nether cooking stuff added first

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    Maybe an addition of a new effect called "Meat Poisoning" that nether mobs should be immune, and they may be called as "Hog meat" or "Hogchop" or "Hoglin chop" or "Hoglin porkmeat".