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Remove "Mending" from the trading list


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    Villagers traded mending before 1.14, and at the time it was not overpowered. It's the new trading mechanics that made it overpowered, so I don't think removing mending from villager trading is the best solution.

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    officialxyno commented
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    They should give you better books based on popularity instead of lowering their prices imo. Mending villagers used to be valuable before 1.14 but with the new mechanics, they're literally so common. Another way to change it would be to increase the price of rare books to be much higher.

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    FiddlefordMcG commented
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    I don't think it should be removed but I think the enchantments they offer need to keep their rarity. High level enchantments should not have the same chance to be offered as low level ones.

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    Tschudy14 commented
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    What is wrong with keeping the armor you worked so hard to obtain?  I think a better option would be to cap the XP cost increase on the anvil to double the cost of the first repair.  That way it still has a significant cost, but it is manageable.