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Sulfuric Wastes Biome


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    EpicBboy123 commented
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    is this was added them I think that the bottled sulphur should have a purpose like dragons breath. I think that using it to make splash potion radius bigger would be cool.

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    Could be combined with this idea: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360055507312-Brimstone-Caves-Nether-Update-

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    Toby Jordan commented
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    If/when Mojang decides it's time for a cave update, this is what's needed. Sulfur.
    The development team is most likely fully aware of this, but sulfur is capable of going "boom", Mojang.

    This is how you help players get gun powder for TNT, Elytra rockets, etc. It would help players who don't quite understand the workings of a creeper farm, AND make it easier to access in peaceful mode(because other than chests, there's literally no other way to get gun powder in peaceful...)

    Please, Mojang. Add Sulfur to a cave update if you ever do one.