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storyteller villager


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    donna adams commented
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    Good Idea!

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    Lotsofanimals commented
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    Joseph Rahner commented
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    Cool idea for lore, although I feel like maybe there should be a few other things he does other than that. Maybe he has a chance of trading rare heroes artifacts from legend. Or items to help you along your quest. For the ender dragon story I think it should also say how to beat him. Perhaps even some especially rare books, such as the ender dragon book, and the wither book. Another especially rare book may be a story about Notch. One last thing what if there was a Herobrine horror story but the chance of him trading that was like 0.1 %. But if you get it and read through you may have a few interesting encounters for the next few minecraft days until they eventually stop for no reason. I don't necessarily mean obvious encounters, but subtle ones. Although subtle enough to completely go unnoticed.