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Piglins and Blaze Rods


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    TravelByTrain commented
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    Both of those items you mentioned are still unique to the nether fortress... netherwart blocks on huge crimson fungi cannot be crafted back into netherwart, and withe rskeletons can still only be found in nether fortresses

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    Samson107 commented
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    I think piglin should definitely trade them. you shouldn't have to search so hard for a blaze rod, potion brewing should be accessible pretty early in the game. the incentive should be wither skeletons to get a beacon

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    I feel like the new version is harder, it's easier to get enderman but way way way way way way harder to find a fortress, I searched for an hour with my bud but still nothing

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    KittiyaKitty commented
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    I don't think that's a good idea I mean yeah some people want the hard way but some people don't want that now that the Nether Fortress is much harder to find I think if people want the hard way they can go and find the Fortress but for other who can't find the Fortress, they can trade with the piglins.


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    A good way to find nether fortresses is make a copy of the world and do /locate in the copy then go to the cords in the original world.

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    Hisdog7809 commented
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    I disagree with this, and I believe that Piglins should be able to trade Blaze Powder or Blaze Rods. I play with my young daughters, who don't like fighting the mobs so we play on Peaceful. They would really like to have Ender Chests and make potions, but those require blaze powder, which can only be obtained from killing Blazes. Since Blazes don't spawn in peaceful, those items are not available to them. 

    I think that blaze power should be available as a higher tier trade for maybe blocks of gold instead of ingots. 

    I would be happy with this option only being available in the Peaceful difficulty if it is too game-breaking for regular play, but it would be nice for those playing on Peaceful.