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Hunger should be different per armor type/weight


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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    Could you go into more details on how armor weight makes hunger different?

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    This is really interesting idea, if you ask me I would make it something like this:

    - as you can see on this link( https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Hunger#Exhaustion_level_increase  ), for every action there is exhaustion level 

    • leather armor adds +0.002 exhaustion for swimming
    • chainmail adds +0.003 for swimming
    • gold +0.004
    • iron +0.005
    • diamond +0.006

    These numbers don't necessarily need to be like that, I put it like an expample, and for other activities it would be similar, food exhaustion increases a little activtity, and it increases more if the armor is heavier

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    jelderkamp commented
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    To explain in more detail:

    It takes more energy form a player when he wears(/carries) heavy armor.

    So you need to eat more when you wear a set of iron armor then you would without wearing any armor.

    Specially when you walk or run.

    In my opinion even using a boat could effect hunger depending on the armor you wear.


    It also can effect the speed of running and the speed of the boat.


    so you are more protected with a good set of armor on the other hand you will need to eat some more food.


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    David M. commented
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    I think this is a good idea, I actually made another suggestion similar to this, but it got taken down for that reason.

    Anyway, I think your idea be good as it would balance out a disuse of leather armor, as many players simply skip it in favor of iron armor, which is obtained by many players very early game. It can even be argued that leather armor is currently more difficult to acquire than iron armor. The way it would balance this would be that it would slow down players from getting iron before they have a good food source set up, which is an important milestone in early gameplay. In other words, iron (and other) armor would be impractical until the player has enough food to sustain it. 

    Also, perhaps there could be a list of armor by weight from lightest to heaviest. (Heavier=hunger lost faster). My list from my post went:

    • Leather
    • Turtle Shell
    • Chain
    • Diamond
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Netherite

    Sorry if my grammar isn't good atm, I am a little busy now. Let me know if you need clarification.

    Hope this helps!

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