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Dried Up Ocean


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    RoyalRex2 commented
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    They should have husks spawn in them, as they seem like deserts with more loot than usual.

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    Erin Tullius commented
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    I like this idea but sea temples couldn't hold guardians because (I'm assuming) there is no water, which makes it an easy place to loot. But if it was abandoned with not very much loot, then this idea is perfect. Especially in deserts. The same thing goes for other underwater structures. 

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    grace young commented
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    i did forget to add there would be challenging mobs, such husks, and other things. there would be less loot than the real temples. you can also find buried treasure

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    This was something I thought about ages ago and I started building a dried ocean floor, for a build project

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    Pls add salt blocks.