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The Jungle Update: Jungle Terrain improvements


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    Batik15rus commented
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    I would be happy to update the jungle, I like this biome. This biome has good potential in terms of magic. More types of trees are good but I don't think they will add.

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    I love this idea! They should add some new jungle mobs like snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, iguanas, treefrogs, and monitor lizards. They can also add better Jungle structures (the current temples are pretty trash), add nicer flowers like orchids growing on the tops of trees.

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    Uhohhotdog83 commented
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    More tree variants sounds good.  Real life jungles are difficult to live in though.  I don't think it needs to be easier.

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    Lili5510 commented
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    Everytime jungles are discussed, most of us seem to agree that the terrain needs work and there is a stark absence of life in the biome.

    One thing that would make it look better is to place leaves on the jungle floor that you walk through like grass. That makes more sense than trees loading into the ground. Also I think the jungle should have the most unique mobs. I'm not asking for a hundred-or even half of that-but jungles need to have more life in it! I don't need to tell y'all what animals, bugs, and plants can be found in the jungle (tigers, toucans, fly traps, tree frogs, & leafcutter ants would be my picks).

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    DeadMCNoob commented
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    "Nobody wants to live there, it's crowded, not very nice looking, hard to traverse, and there isn't much there."

    Tell that to like half of the hermits on Hermitcraft.

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    I agree. I love jungles and it is very difficult to build in them. I think right now it is not worth search your whole world fr a jungle and when you get there you find nothing. This is a great idea.


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    Seltop Yt commented
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    I was just about wright a post like that, and the only thing I can improve is by adding new mobs 

    Monkeys for say could be very nice - if you give them a banana they let you follow them to a jungle temple who should also be updated with the dessert temple by making it bigger and harder


    I really think that before they add new features they should fix the existing ones.