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Custom armor models


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    Boxic Bedrock commented
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    Please for the love of all things holy, servers need this !

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    Sean Lampen commented
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    they added custom item and block models together with resource packs back in 1.7

    then they added custom entity model support in 1.9

    why custom armour isn't a vanilla thing yet I don't know, I mean forge allows you to do this with your own armour(Draconic Evolution being the first to come to mind).

    Optifine also doesn't add this in, this isn't such a hard thing to do and would make a great addition for custom maps resource packs and servers.

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    EnderSven8639 commented
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    Currently, there is a way to manipulate helms and other items with damage values.


    That armor isn't possible is still a miracle.

    I wouldnt even mind making 7 models.

    Boots - 2

    Legs - 2

    Arms - 2

    Body - 1


    We need this!

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    Wait, helmets can't be changed to 3D models on the head, can they?

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    Roxxon613 commented
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    This would be the best and most necessary addition for all resource pack authors and custom item fanatics. I love tinkering with custom items on my Spigot server, but to make new armor textures, I would need Optifine. And just imagine 3D armor...nothing new in modding, but Vanilla? That would be a blessing...

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    X10234 commented
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    Please do this! It would be amazing for servers!

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    skeddles commented
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    Resource packs desperately need this feature, we can customize items, so why not armor!

    This would do so much for resource packs. You could make endless combinations of equippable items and players could customize their characters infinitely. Imagine having hundreds of different hats, shirts, pants and shoes that you can buy, find and trade for.

    It would let servers be much more unique, and would just add so much depth. This is far more important than adding any specific content to the game as it would let modders easily add tons themselves. This is the biggest hole in the resource pack / datapack system.