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Purpur Juice


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    I think it should be called Chorus Nectar.

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    Can you get it from enderwasp hives? Sorry if I Sound stupid for not knowing what an enderwasp is...

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    HumanHorrors commented
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    I feel like the purpur juice should be like juice you get at the end city from the fruit I would have called it the fruit thats in the end but thats just me but I also like the idea and how you make it would be a brewing stand with the fruit. You will however need to get to the end city to get it.

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    TrojanHorse69 commented
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    I believe it should have some more different uses compared to honey bottles and chorus fruit. It would be a lot easier to carry honey bottles and chorus fruit on you rather than harvest Purpur juice,

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    Landen Burns commented
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    Why carry both chorus fruits and honey when you can just have the two combined in one bottle?

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    jake longly commented
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    dirty pigs cleaners for dirty pigs and mud. when pigs go into mud they turn dirty pig and cleaners clean dirty pigs. to craft cleaners you need 3 string  and 4 sticks. to craft mud you need three corst dirt and one string.