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Village Storehouses


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    HobnobsRGr8 commented
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    As a side note the villagers should require access to the necessary resources so as not to enable people to build an infinite resource box. For instance the farmers require seeds and tilled soil whilst the blacksmiths could be provided with chests of coal and iron/gold mined by the player to produce ingots.

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    WoopWopWop commented
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    I mean, The villagers already give you loot based on their professions for completing a raid

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    This is a great idea! An intriguing system, and gets past the issues of villagers not having great trades. It also remedies the problem that the 1.14 village overhaul brought, which is that villages now have a lot less loot.

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    donna adams commented
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    Great idea but villagers are not useless.