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See amount of bees in a nest/hive


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    Aroki commented
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    and how many liv in the nest/hive. it's impossible to do anything big with bee right now, because you cant see how many are actually in a nest/hive.

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    I’m pretty sure you can do that with /data

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    Ododa4995 commented
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    For balancing and to make sense ingame, you could make it so you can only see the count of bees within a Bee hive (player-made) and not a Bee nest (natural gen). Most Bee hives in real life have sections you can pull out and view. You could also make the bees react if they do not have fire beneath the hive.

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    Callum Milne commented
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    Alternatively, the number of bees in a hive or nest item in an inventory could show up in that item's tooltip.

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    maria eduarda commented
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    Muito bom

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    AbleAmoeba0 commented
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    Could also change something about the beehive to show it is occupied (like 1 bee causes a line to appear around the beehive, 2 bees has 2 lines, etc). Maybe something that shows that the beehive is holding more weight so it looks more strained.