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Villagers lost at sea


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    Zach Damey commented
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    They should have beards.

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    RoyalRex2 commented
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    I like the idea, though trading blocks seems extreme. Maybe shards or crystals for an emerald each? I am also curious about what their workstation would be. I would love to have seafaring villagers, and these accidental ones seem to fit pretty well!

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    Maybe they should spawn in randomly in the world too, as if they have drifted in from somewhere you don't know and spawns in places that you have already explored too.

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    WoopWopWop commented
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    Modification: Instead of being a new profession, its just a fisherman. He spawns on a shipwreck, but only the first time you fish the shipwreck. He rewards you with hero of the village if you bring him back