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End Forest and End Core


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    SlyLogiBear1 commented
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    Woah I am spooked!😱😱😱


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    Howfastheis71 commented
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    If they are gonna make the nether more livable, then why not the end?


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    Diaxfrost99 commented
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    This is the best idea I've ever heard

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    TM 80bucks commented
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    I feel the end should be way harder and so should the mobs they add. It should be harder than the nether and overworld. This is because the only end mobs there are are hard to defeat such as endermen shulkers and ender dragons. This would make it so you would have to be geared up before going into the end and if they added a ore called enderite which would be an alloy like netherite it would make a reason to get netherite and enderite.

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    Good idea, but the End is supposed to be sterile, desertic. If there are forests, they would be small and not bushy.

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    I feel after the Nether Update it only makes sense that the End has a update too

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    mitchel3535 commented
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    Tangentpuppy60 the nether was also a barren Wasteland until 1.16

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    RustCarp5956 commented
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    The charm should instead give you bonus attack to ender creatures when held (Like 20% more damage or something like that).


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    I think this is a smart idea.The end is the only non livable dimension that does not have a food source(Other than corus fruit), Wood, mobs other than the Ender man/shulkers/endermite, or Ores.Possible 1.18 update that the community would like.