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Kitsune NPC


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    Bryan Massey commented
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    The Kitsunes should have nine tails and only attack if provoked. They should ether have fire powers or electricity powers.  

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    Bryan Massey commented
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    They they should also be very mischievous and can create illusions. I think they should also spawn in the Nether.

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    FoxBreadRoll commented
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    As long as they look like the player with the common player made skin eyes because a villager one would sorta ruin there lore about them being hot

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    They could transform into Steve/Alex(random chance) when a player is nearby, and a villager if villagers are nearby. They could also transform into pillagers and other mobs. It would be an interesting mechanic in the game. There should also be a festival mask item that makes kitsune neutral and they would have unique trades. (ie. cherry tree saplings) They would spawn in taigas, snowy taigas and giant tree taigas, but they would only spawn near structures and player-made structures (this could be achieved by checking for cobblestone, stripped wood, and other such artificial blocks)

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    I'd say It'd work If spawned naturally In the soulsand valley and Invaded villages as normal foxes In the overworld and as a harbinger of ruin toward piglins and traveling players in the nether.

    The kitsune should have 25 HP and 5 armor points, perhaps from the fact quartz Is embedded In It's clothing and mask. Their true form should normally resemble humanoids, with big floppy ears on top of their heads, big beady eyes that are out-right adorable, and fluffy tails that wiggle areound as they walk. (which unfortunately can't be pet).

    They attack by summoning kitsunebi around them before firing the ring of fire one by one at you, simply using a sword, creating apparitions of other hostile mobs that die off upon being hit, (but drop nothing.) or turning Invisible to create duplicates so they can slice their victim with a sword. (sounds slightly familiar, huh?)

    If they are to be slain, they should drop 0-4 bamboo, 1-3 blaze powder, and rarely their Iron sword (may be enchanted) Or their mask. (Known as an "Ancient mask", which can provide either strength, slow-fall, regeneration, jump boost, speed or haste while being worn. What effect It gives Is randomized between those 6, and the effect Is given In only lvl 1 form, not 2 or 3.)

    If I could pair this trickster with anything, It'd be these: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360067668172-Nekos-The-Iillagers-of-the-nether-and-their-camps