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Honey Bottles brewed to make Potion of Health Boost


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    joshgamerdude commented
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    you may be thinking that honey isn't a useful food since it's supposed to fill up saturation (in other words, increase health regen) more than it fills up hunger, but I do still agree that honey should make health boost potions. Perhaps netherwart brewed into honey could give you an awkward honey, and from there a glistering melon is used to make health boost potions.

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    MaxSilver92 commented
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    Maybe brewing netherwart into honey bottles? and instead of health boost, the effect should be absorbtion, because health boost is too op and absorbtion 4 might be a good idea.

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    Static C commented
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    At least make make honey bottles less of a worthless food source. Even cooked cod is a more effective food in terms of saturation. 
    I see some confusion around the internet about their viability as a food source. I just want to clear something up: Originally honey was equivalent to cooked salmon restoring 6 hunger points (points, NOT bars) and 9.6 saturation (saturation will indirectly effect how much your health can regen but is NOT a health regen stat). That would have been a very nice food source. With honey bottles saturation nerfed to a measly 2.4 they are now a fairly worthless food source more in line with apples or chorus fruit.
    Buff saturation back to 9.6 and I will start farming and carrying honey bottles. Also, for me, the poison nullification effect isn't enough to justify a precious inventory slot. Make it cure the wither effect. Or maybe instead of just curing poison (or wither?) it could also give resistance? I really like the health boost idea in the suggestion. Maybe it would be similar to the absorption effect from golden/notch apples? Honey bottles have a lot of potential as a food source but are largely untapped as of now. Let's do something about that!