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Although the Nether biome is a hot topic, remember that items still should be put in their proper categories, even if they are Nether related. Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Please put items for the new Mountains and Nether Updates in their proper categories. Remember portals are structures, that includes Nether portals.


Nether biome Ghast Forest


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    Shrimp0Gawd commented
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    An amazing idea I'd like to expand on. 


    Firstly, the baby ghasts are disgusting and wiggly like larva. While shooting fireballs at the player, they will also scream and shout for help. Ghasts begin to follow the sounds of the crying infant, and are attracted to the players position. 

    The soul trees could provide the player with some root, that will give them resistance for a short amount of time, but also an extreme slowness duration. 

    New Ghast types: nothing crazy, but maybe something like the panada bears, where there are unique variants that add the small changes

    This biome could have nests, which provide players the opportunity for little bits of lore or loot of some kind, just a thought

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    Ero McDonald commented
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    I hope more people see this.

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    GruveXp ' commented
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    the gasts already have a biome, the soul sand valley