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Decrease Gravel Spawn


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    You're doing it wrong. Gravel is easier to mine out (torches/slabs) and clears a large area underground. Strip mining into gravel lets you clear a large area fast, thus increasing your chances of finding valuable ores. You should likely be looking into adding more gravel underground.

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    2 double chests of it in my quarry. Just too much...

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    Joey1426 commented
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    it is getting so ridiculous at this point. its literally why people quit the game. you cannot go mining without coming across HUGE amounts of gravel

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    Minthur commented
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    I agree! The amount of gravel in Bedrock compared to the amount in Java is way overboard!
    I never have any issues finding enough in my Java worlds to make all the cement powder I need.
    Why can't the gravel spawn rate calculation be the same as Java?
    In Bedrock version/s, (especially when mining under level 60), I cannot seem to go anywhere in a 50 block radius without hitting a bunch of the stuff! Honestly, I am beginning to really dislike Bedrock for this single reason. Way too much freaking gravel!!!

    P.S. I know this is an older post but it's still an issue in the current version 1.16.201