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Bring Back MC-153334 Bug


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    Yalkin33 commented
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    Why? This is just an infinite emerald bug. It doesn't add anything to the game, it is not intended. Just use "/give @p emerald" if you want free emeralds. 

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    Cryptic Vyper commented
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    Um.. no.. that is not balanced.

    You can already get unlimited emeralds by making a trading Post with farmers and have a melon/pumpkin auto farm (using a bamboo trigger).

    6 pumpkin= 1 emerald, 4 melon slices = 1 emerald.. 2 to 6 emeralds per trade cycle per item (they renew trades 4 times per game day at work station) x 6 farmers =( 2 emeralds pumpkin + 2 emeralds melon) = 4 Emeralds (minimum) x 4 trade cycles per game day = 16 Emeralds per game day x 6 farmers in trade hall = 96 emeralds per day.

    Alternatively, you can make a raid farm and gain 2400+ Emeralds an hour.

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    GageDaBoi commented
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    Why in the world do you think that they'll ever add back a game breaking glitch that is basically a way to cheat in survival mode..

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    joshgamerdude commented
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    Not necessarily. This glitch broke Minecraft as a game, and shouldn't be brought back.