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Although the Nether biome is a hot topic, remember that items still should be put in their proper categories, even if they are Nether related. Please read the pinned post on creating biomes and dimensions. Please put items for the new Mountains and Nether Updates in their proper categories. Remember portals are structures, that includes Nether portals.


Better Birch Forests


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    Sponge Bob commented
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    Anthony Buck commented
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    I agree bc theres..... nothing, absolutely nothing of interest in birch forests. You dont want to be in the birch forest, you dont want to set foot under its lifeless creepy branches. No birch village for some reason, no fox, panda etc like other biomes that get their own animals, the birch biome was created and then neglected. It needs some love, villages, animals, some form of a temple or something so people go there for a reason besides to only get birch wood and get out.