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End mob suggestion: The Exiled


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    I believe the exiled should resemble endermen in some way as they also somewhat resemble human beings. I think they should have an option in their trading menu to travel with the player like a companion. You could have them as a teammate, helping you battle mobs like a dog would. You could also bring them to another exiled and they would instantly interact and one of them would drop a block that acts like a bell would in a village and they would continue talk with each other as it would've been a long time since they've seen another one of their kind. Then, the one you brought with you would be bound to the same job site block and would stay together in the same hut and maybe start a family. You could then place down more job site blocks and bring another couple of exiled to the town and they would be bound to the new job station as well. Being able to reunite the exiled would be nice because they wouldn't be lonely anymore and it would provide a happy ending for them. There could also a reward for reuniting them to give incentive to the player to reunite them.