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Frozen Nether Biome


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    Nice idea! I was about to post and idea about this but I found this which is really good! There could be different ice blocks rather than the blocks from the overworld. I would also love to see some mist at the bottom of the biome which could add to the coldness of the biome. Blazes could also take damage when entering the biome (since they are made of fire) which could add a sense of realisim. However, there could also be ice blazes in this biome which could use the icecronium snowballs as weapons. It would be impossible to start a fire there as it would immediately die and lava would turn to obsidian. It could also be the only place where you can actually place water in the nether, but it will turn to ice. I like the fact of a new ore that could make snow balls turn into weapons. And finally I love the idea of a piglin who would attack you even if you are wearing gold armor.

    P.S: another note, the developers said that any mob for your biome ideas should be put in there own place, if you talk about your pigwurst mob in another post and link it here, there is a better chance this will get more votes or even get added :).

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    Yo creo que se vería muy bonito un bioma de hielo en el nether

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    También podría ser que el fuego que es de color azul se implantará más en aquel bioma y haya otro mob en ese bioma que sea entre de hielo y fuego me parecería grandioso ver algo así y que cada aldea depende del bioma que este sea diferente

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    The ore and the mob is cool. But the shape of the biome lacks originality (I mean except the ice) maybe no lands next to lava, but small ices blocs or islands surrounded by basalt. And an full iced ceiling.

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    al Aztlani commented
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    This contradicts that idea of the Nether. Almost of it is in lava, random fires, mobs that are fire resistant and use fire as a mean of an attack

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    xMalxer commented
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    This is awesome, I was about to suggest something similar and then read this, it needs to be added!

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    JonahSimm commented
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    Biome Description: A desolately cold environment, so cold that even the lava seas have hardened into Basalt, Obsidian, and Cobblestone. Basalt Pillars remain from once-flowing Lavafalls. Massive Ice Spires jut out from the floors and ceilings, and the walls are filled with large ice clusters. A thick layer of frost covers the ground, trapping helpless souls beneath an icy prison. Wandering spirits such as Strays and Vexes spawn here, calling the bone-chilling wastes home. Where water placed anywhere else in the Nether evaporates instantly, here it immediately freezes over.

    Biome Parameters:
    Generated Structures:
    - Ice Spires
    - Icicles
    - Basalt Pillars
    - Ice Clusters

    Mob Spawns:
    - Strays
    - Vexes
    - (New Mob) Wraith (Like a Blaze, but cold. Shoots ice balls that slow you down. Can hover like Blazes and have snowfall particles surrounding them instead of smoke.)

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    The Mether is almost a new dimension, but just part of the Nether. It is a set of frost biomes above the Nether. The nether roof should be thicker, more broken (with small holes), and made of a different material, that can be broken. Nether portals built in the overworld Nether and, never the Mether. The Mether requires it's own portal to access it. Mether portals are built by building a Nether portal made of crying obsidian, and throwing a freezing potion (new item) into it.

    The Mether is basically the Ice / Frost dimension (there are lots of posts on different ideas for this), but I think it would be cool if it was above the Nether.