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Use Glowstone Dust as a dye on Signs


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    LoekVV commented
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    Great idea!

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    marco alves commented
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    I like this idea, but I think we should be able to make any color glow instead of having "glowing" as a separate dye (like, being able to use a red dye and a glowstone dust on a sign, and that would make the text glowing red for example, so we'd have 32 different types of texts on signs)

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    fourpool commented
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    Yes, please! We can change the text color on signs using dyes but the text is illegible for most combinations (even white on oak for example). Using glowstone dust on a sign would make the text emissive. It would retain whichever color it had, but would glow brightly and be easier to read both in in the dark and under artificial lighting conditions.