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Glacier Biome


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    If we are going to have a new biome i feel like it should come with some new animals as well. Prehaps this biome could also consist of a body of water for creatures like penguins, seals, and orcas?

    And maybe give dogs some skin variants like cats got because cat variants are cool because people like cats. People also love dogs so like, yeah....

    If that were all added and maybe a few more things like ice enchantments, this idea would be perfect imo

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    Glaciers would be great, especially since many are starting to shrink around the world. I saw a few in Alberta, Canada. It would be nice a Glacier leading into a valley with compact and regular ice came off mountainous peaks with a chance to generate beautiful blue Glacier Lakes that would make you freeze if you stayed in them too long without something like Leather Armour.