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Lava Sea temples in the nether


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    Artur Balák commented
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    i saw a post about blue nether warts (if i didnt find it, i would make it myself), and i think this is the place they should go

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    Sense some ruined nether portals are spawning below the lava ocean maybe it would be logical for them to spawn inside such a lava temple. However doing anything underlava still isn't really doable sense you can't see, they would need to add a way to actually see underwater to add something like this 


    Edit: I've seen some ideas of bringing back the nether reactor as a nether conduit for just somthing like this? It could be a good pairing considering the parallels to the ocean monument. tho maybe it shouldn't be a lava temple? Sense there is already a jungle temple? Maybe... the lava... um.. well a word that means travel or road? Sense there might be a ruined nether portal inside it?