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(Dimension) Purgatory Like


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    A new feature will be a new ore, his name is Costeel, you put in the forge and to transform into an ingot, will need to wait 1800 ticks, and you'll make an new armor, the protection level will be the same of the diamond, but the armor will be naturally enchanted with an exclusive enchantment (Frosty Skin, this enchantment will reduce your damage only in the lava, and with the full armor, will be immune to lava damage, but the armor will suffer it), only Costeel are allowed to have this enchantment, and the weapons will have twice damage of the diamond sword.

    The new boss will appear in an temple at the Diamond Desert, and it is an evoker like, and they start to teleport randomly in the temple room when his life is ath 50% or below at every he takes. He drops a Wand (item), it's useless, but when you put iit at the crafting table with a nether star above it, like an torch recipe, will make a special undying totem, you can use it 5 times, but you can use mending enchantment at it.

    I know, a lot of information, to much to add, but it's cool to share this idea, maybe one day someone make a mod with this information.

    The mobs you guys make it, to have a Mojang or modder touch.