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Pillager outpost revenge


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    StormCat539 commented
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    Maybe not that but I see your idea somewhat..... what if.... let’s say we had villagers armor up and fight back. Not in raids but also at night. They would patrol a certain area or nearby a player built wall. You can also give them armor and better weapons and hire them with elmeralds to follow you and attack nearly any mob. I’m thinking 60hp and their attack(Bow) 2-3 hearts (crossbow- 3-5 and the sword depends on the strength of the sword. Also we need a better way to move villagers across areas to ghost towns to repopulate them. And With these walls preventing the raids to attack.... we need a new Pillager enemy that can blow up walls without damaging the grass, and without hurting the raid. Kinda like the bomber from clash of clans but more Pillager like or... the ravagers ram attack can break walls. And In sure we all want a much harder raid system because I went on hard with all iron and tools and a bow and a well built wall and it was very easy since the pillagers only spawned in 5-7 enemies and witches are hard but only died once from them and I’d say we need to have like a army of pillagers (15-26) in order to call it a real raid and maybe they can be fire flaming arrows to burn down houses. I mean that’s what kinda happens in many raids. Basically... Raid should be chaos for the village and players, also imagine killing baby Illagers.... cute, small, but freakishly fast and deadly to players. Especially since they block only the top part a door and not the bottom. And for my last idea add a health bar for the ravagers and when they reach 50%health or lower make them go on a rage and make it harder to kill them by resistance effects on the ravager.