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Villagers Deserting Village


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    GreenFlame133 commented
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    This is a cool idea, altho I would be careful as it may end in villagers swarming curtain spots. Perhaps villages at their cap or above could send villages between themselves or to abandoned villages to repopulate 


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    Smoke826 commented
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    Or maybe make a bunker or safe area in a basement of one of the houses. It cannot be breached by the raiders. After the first horn of the raid the villagers run to it trying not to get killed, and after the raid is over as long as there are at least 2 villagers that survived they will repopulate.

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    Gintoki1987 commented
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    I do find the idea interresting with villagers fleeing their village if everything seems out of control.
    But there are some things that needs to be figured out.

    What prevents the illagers in the village from chasing the fleeing villagers?

    What prevents the fleeing villagers from being chased by other mobs on their way, especially if it happens during night?

    And for the fleeing villagers to be able to flee to a nearby village, the nearby village would most likely be required to be loaded including with all the terrain in between. This might cause some problems especially if the nearest village is 1000+ blocks away.

    Lastly I do think the villagers are actually more safe by hiding inside their homes than fleeing out of the village. Despite the fact that illagers are capable of opening doors. The illagers will usually pay their attention to players rather than villagers during a raid.

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    She so amzing create a house furniture