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New Enchantment for dual wielding


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    Cafugie TGB commented
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    This needs to be Implemented into Minecraft, I use Bedrock, so if it comes to Bedrock im down 👍.


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    Trey05004559 commented
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    I like it being an enchantment cause dual wielding would likely be spammed a lot on weapons otherwise, especially since it probably wouldn’t be compatible with other enchantments like sharpness or unbreaking since it would be used with another sword/axe making it use up less durability And deal damage more often reducing the need for it to need to deal more damage... also it would likely only be able to be used with one weapon with dual wield in your off hand and one in your main hand due to it likely needing to work with a tool with the same enchantment as too notify how you’re using your weapons so likely meaning one would be the enchantment “dual wielding main hand” and the other enchantment “dual wielding off hand” I like it