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Villagers that have armor equipped should be able to display it


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    LukasSzukasz commented
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    Just because they can't wear armors by themselves, players have to do it for them doesn't mean they shoudn't display the armors they have on them.

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    I think we should take this a step further and make it to where you could equip weapons and armor to them to help them in raids too. That way normal villagers can have a use. :) but this could be a 70% chance that they refuse if they dont wanna be soldiers. (Since villagers tend to be merchants not fighters) But if they accept, They will jump in the air with a sword symbol appearing for a few seconds and their clothes will change. :) Then anytime after, you can equip them with weapons and armor. Which also in turn will allow them to interact with villagers with professions to get their armor, weapons etc. And have a higher chance of protecting the village, and in turn, better chance of winning raids.

    Anyone like this idea? :)

    And maybe an acheivement for making 10 villagers into soldier villagers. And a new emote that makes that sword emote the soldier villagers will do. :)