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Frogs and Tadpoles



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    Please note the announcement only covers Frogs.


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    Journey Watts commented

    YAS! I was going to suggest that

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    Completely forgot that with frogs comes the potential for tadpoles.  That be fun to see.

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    I neeeeeeeed frogs 🐸 they are unspeakables gamers

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    conmandouglas commented

    I also REALLY want tadpole AND frogs!!!

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    Here’s a picture of how would the frogs look in their updated biome

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    I voted for this. Will the frogs be tameable, cause I want a pet froggo

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    Tanner201X commented

    You guys better add tadpoles.

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    issac garland commented

    Hmmm, I like the idea but maybe to add more of a...realistic effect maybe only brightly colored frogs would cause poison?   perhaps the brighter the color the more severe poisoning. Kind of like poison dart frogs that exist in real life, the brighter colored frogs would be a little more common in jungle biomes (another idea maybe whatever weapon that killed a poisonous frog would have a chance of harnessing that poison so that any mob that is hit with that weapon has the poison carried over) I love the idea of the frogs being deadly so I thought this would be a nice way to balance it or make it more interesting to experiment with