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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Chiselling And Hammers


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    Rex Masters commented
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    Hi I totally agree

    I was going to post an original idea, but found this, so I thought I would chime in

    But effectively my idea was for a hammer/ chisel set as a new tool type - When used on a block, it would seperate the bounding box as it were of the block, from 1 block, to say a 4x4 or hopefully a 8x8 or even 16x16 face


    So when you click on a block, it will split it into smaller blocks within its own bounds, if it was only a 2x2 face, removing one corner would result in you getting a stair block - if you mine the block however, you would get the original block back

    Example - You place a stone full block, and chisel out one corner to make a stair, then you mine the stair (without silk touch) - you recieve a cobblestone full block (wtith silk touch you get a full stone block - you DO NOT get a stair block)

    The amount of faces would be set by the game coding, you wouldnt be able to chisel a 2x2 block down to just 1 corner, then chisel again to break that tiny square into a further 2x2 face

    This would offer an incredible level of detail at the standard block size not seen in minecraft before even custom trees end up being 2-3 times bigger than spawnable ones, it would allow for minor changes to a blocks shape and allow players to create such things as vertical slabs

    It doesnt require a massive overhaul of the games physics/ coding - the game could still see a chiselled block as a full block regardless of how much was chiseled away (it could look like stairs, but not function as them)

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    What if stones could be chiseled like banners but the player would need to press the block and they have 2 options decorate and chisel decorate will allow the player to chisel the block like banners and new patterns like a soul, creeper, and wither pattern. Chisel will allow the player to do what Rex Masters is suggesting.

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    I agree because then I can finally make a dog house. And a bird cage and if I’m replaying as a baby I can finally have a proper playpen popper baby cage and I can make food bowls for my pets and dog beds for my dogs and cat beds

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    Ecopian commented
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    I also think this would be a great addition. However I think it should only fully work with solid blocks where they are more likely to stay intact. A fun challenge to being a sculptor would be to connect all the blocks so it doesn't crumble (drop the block). To make it more "Minecraft-y" the chisel could remove on a 1/8th scale instead of 1/16th.