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We welcome feedback about menus, toggles on menus, buttons on menus, input devices (like touch controls and keyboards), and Minecraft’s interface. How do you play? What would make it better?


More customizable difficulty- and gameplay-settings


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    critical points:

    • Giving more options can be overwhelming, therefore I think there should be a few pre-made combinations of settings that you can load, similar to the current difficulty settings

    • When there are a lot of options it should be easy to reset to the default settings

    • If you somehow lose your settings you were playing with, it could be frustrating to get everything back to the way you like it. Therefore I think settings should be able to be saved under a name so that you can reload them easily.

    • Getting settings just right can take a lot of time. If settings can be saved, they could also be shared with other players



    I have quite a lot of suggestions for changes to the gameplay, but I can also see that my playstyle may be very different from the playstyle of others. I understand that balancing the game to be fun for all the different types of players is quite challenging, and probably even impossible. That is why I think that there should be more options to customize certain aspects of the gameplay. This way both old and new players(and also people who prefer role-playing, PVP, adventuring, building, etc.) can make the game fun and challenging, based on their own skills and preferences.




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    How could it work:

    I imagine a tab in the menu called something like 'difficulty settings' clicking on the button would bring you to a new menu with different categories like, general, mob spawning, combat, weather, farming, loot, screen/render, etc. Each of these categories are buttons as well, and bring you to some more advanced settings. I imagine these settings to be sliders, just like the FOV and brightness settings for example, with the middle position being the default setting, sliding it to the right would make the setting more extreme,(faster, more, harder, etc.)while sliding it to the left would make it less extreme(slower, less, easier).

    I think there should be an option to quickly set all settings back to default, an option to save a combination of settings with a name, and also an option to load saved settings, and maybe also some pre-made setting combinations. If these settings could be saved per individual world, that would be great. This way, you could set yourself different challenges in different gameplay worlds, and servers as well. 

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    Examples of settings I was thinking about

    Player related settings:

    - increase or decrease player movement speed, less movement speed makes traveling harder, and encourages the use of horses, minecarts, etc, and increases immersion with your world(could be fun for people who like to explore, in a more challenging way). higher movement speed would make traveling easier, which would be more fun for people who travel more as a means to an end.

    - increase or decrease how fast the player gets hungry

    - increase or decrease the amount of fall damage.

    Monster related settings:

    - increase or decrease monster spawn quantity(can make nighttime harder or easier)

    - increase or decrease monster difficulty(can make nighttime harder or easier. example: in combination with the previous setting you could make fewer monsters spawn, but make each of them harder to defeat, and drop more loot, in combination with the loot settings)

    - spawn frequency for individual mobs.

    - (checkbox): monsters attack tamed animals

    - (checkbox): monsters(zombies) attack villagers (for people who do like to fight monsters, but don’t want to babysit the villagers)

    combat-related settings:

    - increase or decrease attack speed

    - increase or decrease attack cooldown

    - increase or decrease player damage

    - increase or decrease effectiveness critical hits

    - (checkbox) auto/manually equip armor

    - (checkbox) hold to attack

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     loot related settings:

    - increase or decrease loot quantity from chests

    - increase or decrease loot quantity from mobs

    - increase or decrease loot quantity from crops.

    - increase or decrease the chance of rare loot(for example flint, apples, but also wither skulls).

    farming-related settings:

    - increase or decrease time crops need to grow

    - increase or decrease the time saplings/trees need to grow

    - increase or decrease the time animals need to grow

    (checkbox) automatically replant seeds when you harvest

    (checkbox)dropped saplings plant automatically

    weather-related settings:

    - rain frequency

    - thunderstorm frequency

    (the next settings could be world settings(fixed for all players in the world), but also visual settings(settings individual players can tweak in a multiplayer world))

    - turn on/off clouds

    - increase or decrease fog distance


    examples of different playstyles that could be created using these settings:

    • less, but stronger monsters spawn, with more loot. for more adventurous and challenging playstyle.

    • more, but weaker monsters spawn, could be used for some sort of tower defense kind of playstyle

    • farming takes longer, so you will need to plan things out more, or a nomadic lifestyle becomes more attractive

    • easy monsters: monsters are rarer, and/or weaker, drop more loot, and don’t attack villagers, this could be a good alternative for the peaceful mode, which limits your options in the game.


    I hope this feedback was clear enough, If not, feel free to ask.