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Be able to assign a specific slot of the hotbar to a controller button


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    You can just put your sword at the first slot in your hotbar, and then pressing 1 would take it out.

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    I had this same idea, but I think that, since the lack of buttons on Controller, maybe they could make so that when your press a chosen Button (Say View on Xbox) it will open this "Menu" where you can press your chosen buttons that are mapped. Let me put this into an example...

    I am running and want to quickly get to my sword in the 3rd slot I would press "View" (In this example) and then press the button I had associated with my 3rd slot. I would be able to continue to run/look around during this time.

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    this would be perfect a use for the d-pad, as you can bind lets say slot 3 to right d-pad select blocks and in a pvp situation be able to use them without delay