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Minecraft PE POV button


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    I really like this idea! However, I think it can be improved. Console players can do this easily with their controllers but IOS/Android players have a touch screen that makes it far more difficult to do this unless you go into Settings. I want to add something to this.

    The Setting to change your POV can still be there, but right under it there should be an on/off feature to adjust whether or not you want a POV button. This would make it less annoying for people who don’t want to use this feature and convenient for those who do!

    I really do love this idea, but perhaps more can be added to it! Feel free to discuss any questions or what’s on your mind if you would like!

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    iLikeGamin commented
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    Please add this feature, Mojang. Since you added a button for emotes in the recent beta, please add a POV Button to change between point of views as doing it in Windows 10 devices and consoles can be easily done by pressing a button instead of going through a long process of going to the settings just to change it. Please Mojang, listen.

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    darinSWEG commented
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    This needs more traction and attention hopefully it gets the noticed!

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    How About a Quick Camera Button so that you won't have go to settings.

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    Kelihunter commented
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    yesss!!! it would be so helpful!!