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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Amulets in Minecraft


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    Should they last forever, or breakdown as their used, similar to the elytra? And are they passive, or do they need turned on/off? Do they need to be in they hot bar, or take up an armor space? Or would an entirely new inventory space be created just for amulets? Just some questions that I thought up and would like to see people discus. Good idea VENDAGUEX1871.

    I thought up some ideas for potential amulets just to see what you guys think.

    A lot of the amulets could be crafted from key potion ingredients (or potions themselves, maybe lingering to make them harder to obtain), and they'd just provide infinite use of that potion effect while worn. 

    A amulet crafted with an ocean conduit could provide infinite water breathing and improved swim speed, and maybe improved water vision, but not faster block breaking like a conduit structure does. It would be really useful for underwater exploring, but not super good for mining and building (because who has ever building anything without misplacing a block they need to break).

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    A amulet crafted with a Redstone block could allow player to activate pistons and iron doors (and maybe powered rails) by right clicking them. I'm thinking that this ability should be like a pulse signal, similar to a button press (though maybe a bit longer). Or maybe it works as a toggle, but everything deactivates if the player moves 16 blocks away from the said object.

    A amulet crafted with a beacon could give players infinite Regen II and a permanent glowing effect (color based of a color glass used to craft the amulet). This one seems a bit OP so probably a super expensive recipe; like the gem is crafted with a beacon, two nether stars, and 6 diamond blocks, and then the gem is combined with colored glass to dye the glowing and whatever other ingredients to make the chain.

    A amulet crafted with a chorus fruit could bind the random teleport effect (with a cooldown) to a hotkey.

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    Love the idea of Amulets. More loot to find in dungeons, mineshafts, fortresses, etc. is always cool, and more things to craft to make yourself better/do neat things is great. New Inventory slot, definitely, and be passive effects/affects how you do certain things. They shouldn't wear down, but be permanent effects.

    As for crafting, to keep it simple, have it be two pieces of string in the top corners, gold arranged as you would for a clock, and inside the center a gem/centerpiece (Lapis, Emerald, Diamond, Heart of the Sea, Phantom Membrane, Nether Star etc.). where the gem/centerpiece decides the benefits of the amulet.

    Alternatively, you could (even more simply) craft a gold amulet and allow it to have enchantments- all types of protection, featherfall, unbreaking, mending, respiration, etc. as well as some unique enchantments: Night Vision, Absorption, Levitation, etc. Generic gold amulets that can be enchanted should wear down as their enchantments take effect- damage for protection, fall damage for feather fall, breathing underwater for respiration, a total number of absorption hearts that regen for Absorption, whilst levitating for Levitation- and the more separate enchantments you have, the quicker the amulet wears down, maybe exponentially so.

    Either way, Amulets please~!

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    Ervindark commented
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    Maybe it can serve as mob repellent, depending on the amulets recipe.

    It is active for 1 hour. The items icon has a blue cooldown-bar.

    To power it up you need to heat it up in a furnace (or throw it in fire / lava).

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    There could be an additional armour slot for this.