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Remove a few Evokers from raids


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    Alex Gonzalez commented
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    Maybe I should also mention, the current amount of totems from raids makes woodland mansions absolutely pointless, because until raids were added, the totems were the only thing that made mansions worthwhile.

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    Totems are a Deadringer item. Its a get out of jail free card for a player that knows what their doing, and nowadays any player that knows what they're doing knows how to make a raid farm. Death is a thing of the past to anyone serious about totems. I say replace totems with notch apples in raids if you really want a reward for motivation.

    The notch apple is a safety net, sure, but it at least takes more skill to utilize the benefits of it, unlike other than hitting f and then charging into battle with no regard for your life. I think the mechanics are fine, so I'm getting off track here, the totem as an item is fine, its just waaaay to common.