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Allow creators to encrypt their packs to prevent plagiarism


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    ChrisCuomo commented
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    NOPE! Noone will be able to download any Texture pack. Very bad idea! I have a personal Texture pack for my own use only that mixes different Textures from many Texture Packs.

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    DrAv0011 commented
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    @ChrisCuomo anyone will still be able to download or use any resource pack, as it could be an optional feature enabled if the creator wants, there will be a lot of packs that do not use them, but if you want to use a mix of packs that are encrypted just install all of them at the same time, and the ones that are on top will be the ones that have prefference. Or you could also ask the creator to get permission to use the files you want/need.

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    WRAITHSpire commented
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    This is a TERRIBLE Idea. A lot of UI creators would do this and it would destroy other people's ability to learn ui modding, or scripting!

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    TheMcExplorer commented
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    I have to agree with the majority here. If you discover a new way to make addons you should want to share it with the community so better quality addons begin popping up. Encrypting the code would ruin the community. I’m sorry. I see where your coming from. But the fact of the matter is, the Minecraft addon community thrives off of being able to learn from each other.


    I have a perfect example of why this would not be as great as you might think. Take the dragon addons floating around the community, for instance. Right now they’re a bit lackluster due to not manny knowing how to make a controllable land to air mob. However! There is an addon that exists on the market place who’s creators figured it out. Unfortunately, due to all marketplace maps being encrypted, no one is able to learn the mechanics used to make that happen. It doesn’t help that those addons are tied to the maps they come with due to this encryption. Meaning you are stuck using one of the best dragon addons on a specific map and will never see it on your custom world.

    I understand you don’t want your work republished but I never want to see that specific solution ever enter the community. You own rights to the addon itself, you “do not” own the common code used to make your addon work. That will forever be owned by the devs. (You have rights over the LEGO creation not rights to the specific bricks used in building it)

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    FancyFlameX commented
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        In my opinion, I think it is a good idea. I dont think everyone want others know the content he wrote, especially because there are a number of people who often steal other's add-on and published them as if the add-on made by himself. If so, it may discourage those who actually made this add-on.

        My advice is that add a function which allow add-on maker to make a decision whether the add-on would be encrypted. It is easy to do so, there would be a specified private key inside minecraft application while publish the public key. Add-on makers can encrypt their pack with the public key and publish it,  after the encrypted pack imported in minecraft,  minecraft decrypt it automatically with the private key.

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    Virus5600 commented
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    As someone who is new to add-on creation, this scares me the most; having my pack done by hand and all after countless sleepless nights, only to see someone uploading it without credits or heck, customizing a bit and uploading it back, only to say that it was their original creation...

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    frnciii commented
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    @TheMcExplorer Yes, you take away a method for people to learn but this is the perfect way to teach people to NOT take away other people's work.

    I'm incredibly new to modding, and I learned how to make my own mods from opening other's files but I have never stolen anyone else's files and claimed it as mine because we all know that is just unfair.

    To solve your problem, we just really have to remember that there is a community out there who works hard to make mods whenever they get the chance to. I'd even gladly teach others the same way I made my mods, because with all sincerity, I think I've done a really great job with my mods. I haven't uploaded them yet, because of the risk of plagiarism.