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Written Single Pieces of Paper


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    Dagans Mind commented
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    Good idea. A bit like a sticky note but with paper. Write a formal letter, simple reminder, etc.. You know how maps are shown when placed in an item frame? Could the same be done with written notes?? That would be good for menus in cafes (roleplay).

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    I came up with an idea like this today for a "Letter","Note" or "Written Paper", so I found this post. The item would be similar to how Written Book/Book and Quill work, with the restriction of it being only one page long. It would come with a re-textured GUI to look like a piece of paper or a note.

    What I also had in mind it being able to be pinned to the side of a wall, either with, or without an Item Frame (the latter would make sense with how Maps can be displayed), to make for a noticeboard. The "Written Paper" would have a bigger look than a regular Paper displayed in Item Frame, just like Maps do, either readable like Signs or opening up a GUI to read what is written on it.

    Writing on the "Letter" would open up the GUI, with signature options and all, after then it becomes locked from further editing and becomes a "Written Paper". Reading the "Written Paper" would happen by either holding it in hand, or better: opening up a readable GUI by clicking on it when it's displayed/pinned on the Item Frame or wall; (however, Maps displayed in Item Frame are rotated by clicking on them which wouldn't make sense in this case...) This would mean you don't need to take it off and put it back on every time you want to read it. The item would be popped out from it's place by punching on it, just like any displayed item.

    Crafting recipe for it could be logically Paper, Ink Sac and Feather.

    This would be a nice addition using ingredients and mechanics already in game, and would be great for adventuring and roleplay purposes.