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Hide new xbox live gamertag numbers


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    That wouldn't make much sense, and how would they even program that in?

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    Ripjaw544 commented
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    How can you change your gamertag

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    fptbb8548 commented
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    That would be great, a way to remove discriminator from the nickname, for the nickname in-game, leaving only "nickname" and adding a hashtag in other places (like the launcher, and the site itself) leaving "nickname#0001" and not "nickname0001"

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    MCpodo7427 commented
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    That would be nice, my gamertag is MCpodo#7427 and I find it annoying how most microsoft apps just ignore the hashtag and make it a number, I think it does on this website too.

    I'm sure this might be hard to implement because Minecraft bedrock was made before the new gamertag system was made (it was made based on the old system before the #numbers), but it would be a nice if they could.

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    lauren kim commented
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    I made a gamertag before they added the 4 numbers. I want to change my gamertag right now, but I understand that it will have the four numbers, but will my current gamertag have numbers?